Littlest Churchgoers Have A Blast At Trunk-or-Treat

Posted on October 26, 2019.
If you were walking past the PFWUMC parking lot on a cool and crisp Saturday evening in late October, you might’ve thought you were looking at the set of the next Hollywood suspense thriller.  Not exactly!  It was the PFWUMC church school and community members taking part in “Trunk-or-Treat, the safer alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.


Trunk-or-Treat became popular in the 1990s as a church-based fall festival.  In this tradition, parents and community members decorate and fill the trunks of their cars with candy, games, and fall-themed memorabilia.  Costumed kids then visit each car to fill their bags and knapsacks with mouth-watering candy and other kiddie valuables.  Trunk-or-Treat has lots of benefits:  parents and kids don’t have to walk near oncoming traffic in the dark, and having a central location makes it easier to visit and have fun with neighbors and friends.  Additional attractions can also be added to the event site.


PFWUMC is new to Trunk-or-Treat, and this year’s event was a smashing success.  It was organized by Jocelyn Moore, Superintendent of the Sunday School, as well as dedicated Sunday School teachers and volunteers:  Shirley Gillespie, Joy Azurin, Bill Briones, Cheerie Dennis, and Amber Detky.  Parents, children, neighbors, and friends are to be thanked as well.  The church community came together to support this fun activity for its littlest members.