College Student Katie Rice Shares Her Experience About A Summer Missions Trip to New York City

Posted on July 24, 2016.

Katie Rice, a student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, participates in Cru (formerly Campus Crusaders for Christ) on campus.  From June 1 to July 11, 2016, Katie joined a team of college students from across the country to serve and minister in New York City.  The eight students and nine staff members traveled to different ministry sites each week. 


They shared the gospel with children, gave food and clothes to those in need, and helped distribute supplies to the community.  A favorite project was launching Soul Session, a ministry geared toward sharing Christ with middle schoolers in a chill environment with games and free pizza.  In less than three  weeks  attendance grew from nine kids to almost 40!  They also shared experiences with high school students and helped them grow in their relationships with God. 


All of the volunteers felt out of their comfort zones each day.  They were challenged to approach strangers and have spiritual conversations.  Stopping to talk with the homeless became normal, and they developed deeper compassion for people in need.  It became necessary to fully lean and depend on God.


This trip would not have been possible without the prayers and financial support of the Providence-Fort Washington congregation.  God moved in ways we will never know over these six weeks.  Please continue to pray for the seeds of faith, hope and love that were planted, and for future Cru teams.