Church Members Join Together To Build Access Ramp

Posted on October 17, 2016.

When Providence-Fort Washington church member Ray Luby issued an appeal for a special offering to help a fellow church member in need, the response was swift.


A beloved member of the congregation did not have an access ramp at the entrance of their home, making it hard for them to attend church and go to medical appointments.


The bountiful church offering made it possible to purchase the wood needed for the project.  Armed with quality wood, hammer, nails, drills, time, energy and a whole lot of love, the men of P-FWUMC descended upon the member’s home and built a ramp for their dear friend.


With the ramp now in place, a doorway of new opportunities has literally opened for the longtime congregant.  The ramp is also a reminder that when God touches our hearts, anything can happen.