The Meaning of Our Logo

We here at Providence-Fort Washington United Methodist Church are delighted with our logo which was designed by our very own member, Diane C. Day. The Share Committee of the church worked together to come up with a motto for our church and settled on “…growing in faith, hope and love.” Diane then took that motto and designed the tree logo that you see on this website. Both the motto and the logo were accepted by our Administrative Council on 15 March, 2007. This logo is copyright © 2007 - 2012 Diane C. Day.



The image of the tree calls to mind both the enduring quality of faith and the vitality of new growth.  We see our church as a place where all persons are welcome to increase growth.We see our church as a place where all persons are welcome to increase in faith, hope and love through opportunities for worship, education, fellowship, and service.


The multi-colors of the leaves on the tree indicate the welcome we extend to all persons, just as Jesus welcomed all who came to him. We decided on the red, green, purple, and gold colors for the leaves because they correspond to the symbolic colors of the church seasons. The seasons of Advent and Lent are represented by deep purple which indicates both sorrow and royalty. Bright red is the color for Pentecost which reminds us of the gift of the Holy Spirit which “appeared as tongues of fire” (Acts 2). Ordinary Time is represented by green as the color of growth and new life. Gold (or white) is the color of Easter standing for extravagant celebration as the church rejoices in the resurrection of Christ.



Green represents Ordinary Time



Bright red represents Pentecost



Deep purple represents Advent and Lent



Gold (or white) represents the color of Easter